Metalwork is used in the construction of the penthouse. There are two levels in each apartment, both connected with a spiral stair.

Big floor-to-ceiling windows with beautiful French balconies face the yard of the house.


The apartments are fully decorated using high-quality decoration materials.

The terraces

The developer managed to make the bulkhead almost imperceptible when facing a historical façade of the building. At the same time there are three spacy terraces from the side of the backyard with a fascinating view of the center of the city of Riga (apartments 29А, 44 and 58).


Modern OTIS elevators will bring you up to your apartment.

External elevator shafts are built as annexes to the main building opening into staircases (excluding apartments 29А and 29B).

The house

The project of the five-story dwelling house was developed by famous architect of the 18th century Edmund fon Trompovski. There were more than 100 multi-story houses, factories and community buildings.

The house is located in a historical part of Riga center and is included into UNESCO cultural heritage list.

A postcard, sent to one of the house residents in 1913

Ģertrūdes iela 62
Riga, LV-1011, Latvia

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